Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Felt bunny pencil toppers

I made these after seeing something similar in the purlny blog (see 'Nice at look at' in the right column). They are a simple to make project - children could do them with a little help on the eye and nose. Thinking ahead to Easter and all those chocolate eggs children receive; One of these with its drawing pencil might be a nice alternative or addition to chocolate for them. They cost £3.50 each.

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joanie said...

HI Jenny, I finally found the time and an Internet connection to check out your blog and say hello. It was lovely meeting you in your shop last week, you have a beautiful selection of handmade treasure.
I hope to be able to pop back in again this week before I move to Somerset.
All the best to you for much success in your sweet little space there, I'll spread the word and add you to my list of blog visits when I get back to blogging again myself.