Thursday, 8 March 2012

Inspiration and doing

There are a million things I want to make at the moment.

I want to make some crazy patchwork embroidering between ribbons and pieces of velvet and handmade felt. Bags of all sizes, maybe the odd cushion.
I want to make jewellery where the beads are all handmade. The way I used to make it with my polymer clay made into seaside pebbles.
I want to cover those big metal
buttons I sell with embroidered pieces of linen or join pieces of ribbon over the buttons with embroidery.
I want to make felt for clutchable mice and big soft cushions.
I want to make some of my jumping people from knitted cords because they're so popular.
I need to make cards for Mothers Day and the yards of bunting I'm not getting on with.

Yes, there's a huge gulf between being inspired to do and actually getting on and doing!
I'll keep you posted!
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