Monday, 19 March 2012

Julia Kirby's necklaces

Posted by PicasaI love how the colours of felt glow. Julia Kirby just brought in her handmade necklaces for the shop. £16 each.
Michelle Green brought in needlefelted creatures - a badger, chickens, some garden birds. I'll show pictures of these soon.

This is rent week at the shop and it's wonderful how money focusses the mind! Over the weekend I have been thinking and planning. There will be changes, especially in the lobby area which I'm not making the most of at the moment. I'm looking for one of those rotating  greetings cards/postcards holders. Any ideas?
I also plan to have lots of items for sale online as well as in the shop either on the blog or on a site linked to the blog. And press releases. And creative workshops. A high energy week ahead! Hope your week is the best too! 

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