Monday, 5 March 2012

Blue eggs and marmite

Posted by PicasaThese are Old Cotswold Legbar eggs. They bring my boiled egg with Marmite breakfast experience up to a whole new level!! They are so pretty. It's like eating a Farrow and Ball shade card.

Now that so much in the supermarket has risen in price they cost me only a few pennies more than my normal free range eggs and I reckon they'll be even better value if I re-use the shells! I'm thinking mosaic although the shells may be a bit too fragile for that. But I can definitely see the empty shells with a bit of soil in and a seed sprouting out of the top. And they would look so pretty on straw in a pale blue/green bowl at Easter.

I know I'm not supposed to complain on my 'happiness' blog but I do get annoyed when supermarket prices jump up. I've tried complaining but nothing happens.For some reason my brain always remembers prices of everything exactly so I know when something is suddenly 30p more than last week. I reckon  my food costs have gone up by at least 25% in the last few months. Do you agree or disagree? (I realise that just by asking a question I am risking getting no comments at all but I'll risk it!!!)

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Christine said...

You may be able to incubate and hatch your Legbar eggs and have some of your own chookyhens for free-

Now I put my basket down before going to the checkout and make sure I need everything - I try to put something back, just to save some of the money that they are about to rob off me.