Thursday, 22 March 2012

Shall we visit Country Living?

You could smell this stand long before you got there. Just lavender and rosebuds.
This looks pretty. What are they selling?
Rustique. Nice ideas.
I particularly like this Rustique lampshade on its painted, spotty base.
Many years ago myself and four friends used to visit this show regularly. And every year we'd say to each other wouldn't it be great to have a stand here. Then one year we applied, that is potter Kate Hackett and I applied. The selection was rigorous. We had to send in photographs of what we made which went before a committee. The rule was you had to make everything on your stand and you had to sell it in person.And of course, it had to fit in with the look of the magazine.

 That first year we shared a stand at the top of the building. So exciting and we took more money than we'd ever seen before! Every year after that we took a stand and eventually took separate stands, gradually moving down the building to, in my opinion the best selling area which is on the ground floor...
Yesterday I searched for the Kate and Jennys with their handmade at home things. But in truth the show has changed. Fair to say it's mostly business companies now with a dwindling number of makers. 

Some stands lured me in - check out the tiles at (all made in the UK) and the very pretty things at 
But my favourite spot was in another place completely. I'll write about that tomorrow! 

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