Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Shadows and sun dials

 Imagine inventing the sun dial! 
The idea of an object casting a shadow which, if positioned correctly, showed the viewer the time. Imagine then working out that the object would have to go along the line of 12 instead of say, 3o'clock for the thing to work. The whole thing would have to be in the sunniest spot. 
This one is in Petersfield's Physic Garden and even has a table for adding or subtracting so many minutes depending on the month to give you Greenwich Mean Time which is what we in the UK live by.
By the way it was lunchtime when I visited but you know that don't you?!

Thanks to Jane I have just added two more blogs to my Nice to look at list. Hens Teeth is fabric collage and embroidery and Gentle work is stitching into soft colours. Makes you feel peaceful just to look at it...

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