Thursday, 3 November 2011

Changing and growing

After two and a half weeks I can see my shop changing and growing. Growing because every day people are bringing in their handmade pieces to add to the ever increasing number of things to admire and buy.
 I thought it was a tiny shop but it's surprising how much stock it takes to fill it. And changing because I keep re-arranging and changing things round. The big change will be the working table in the centre of the room. I need a big table for the workshops and I find that when I make at the counter it rapidly gets messy and unbusinesslike with all my bits.
I also want to change the sign above the shop to different lettering and have wording all along the space pictured above. But all this is minor. The big joy is the conversations with the customers. I am meeting some really special people and most of them seem to like the shop and the way it's developing!

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