Friday, 25 November 2011

Knitting and Crochet weather

Michelle's spun and dyed wool, Victoria's spun and dyed mohair (from her goats); Valerie's 'seaweed' scarves and one of my hats.
I took these pictures in the shop. It was cold though bright. Just the weather for knitting or crocheting.
A lovely lady called Jan offered me a round table for the shop yesterday. So kind and generous. Her daughter has a round pine table, 4 ft across on a central pedestal. It sounds just the job for having in the centre of the shop with chairs round it for workshops. When we're not workshopping it can be used for shop display.
Jan's husband is bringing it to the shop on Saturday. Thanks to Jan and her family.

The first workshops will be, appropriately enough, Beginner's Knitting and Beginner's Crochet.
After that a 'Free style knitting and crochet' where the two skills are combined to produce really textural pieces.

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With Added Discretion said...

When is the freestyle knitting and crochet? I really fancy that. Anna x