Monday, 7 November 2011

Singing and recording

I love to sing. Yesterday  the choir company's Farnham and Petersfield members drove out to a concrete bunker on a farm which houses this recording studio.Above is the big space where we sang 'Something Inside So Strong'; 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' a song from Les Miserables, 'Rhythmn of Life' and 'I'm Walking on Sunshine.' Our choir master, Gerard Butler, who sings professionally and coaches other professional singers is brilliant at getting the best out of us. He says 'I don't care if you get it wrong, just get it wrong loudly.' So we all let rip and raised the roof.
The microphone pictured above is for individuals or small groups. When three women from Farnham and me from Petersfield gathered round  to sing our add on I felt like one of the Supremes. For two pins I would have burst into one of their hits. But no, only three words were required. Well ... it's a start isn't it?!!

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