Friday, 11 November 2011

Have wool - can knit

These lovely yarns have just arrived. The top one is 100% wool which means it's ideal for felting if you want to felt your work. The alpaca/silk is just extremely soft. Good for babies' things and scarves.

I'd like to get a round table for workshops. Lots of people want to learn knitting or crochet and I want to host making for Christmas workshops too. My daughter is visiting so I might get her help in carrying my (not round) kitchen table down to the shop so we'd have that to sit around then I can start emailing out workshop invitations. She is pleasantly surprised with how full of stock the shop has become. People come in daily with nice things they have made. Particularly super are the wood chopping boards/ bread  boards that Chris Burgess makes from local trees. I like the way each piece is labelled with where the wood is from eg. Stanstead Park or Goodwood.

Today I'm going up to the Country Living Christmas Show - daughter one will be taking care of the shop. Hope to take lots of pics of nice things!

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