Monday, 9 May 2011

Puccini, Amsterdam

We shared this delicious chocolate cake in Puccini's as part of a wonderful lunch on day one.

We would never have found this cafe if I hadn't been navigating.  Searching for the Pancake Bakery (west) I confidently marched my daughter east - to completely the other side of town.

We had already found Puccini Bomboni, a handmade chocolate shop with so heady a smell of quality chocolate you wished you could bottle it for sniffing in life's not so good moments.

At Puccini we ate toasted foccacia sandwiches stuffed with grilled vegetables, freshly made pesto and pine nuts. Heaven on a plate for vegetarian me. Then the cake with the best cup of tea we had in Amsterdam.

Aren't British people strange, always wanting tea to be just the way we make it back home?

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Anonymous said...

Wish we could meet in Puccinis today Mum! I could really do with a piece of that chocolate cake! xx