Sunday, 8 May 2011

Where we stayed

 This gorgeous old poster was on the door to our room at the Hotel Keizershof in Amsterdam. Our room was called the Rita Hayworth. We could have had the Mae West.

The rooms are clean and comfortable.Very central, overlooking a canal on one side and gardens the other, I would recommend this bed and breakfast to anyone fit and active. It's the stairs you see. We were on the third floor and the steep stairs go steeply up and round. It feels a bit like climbing a bell tower. But it's worth it.

The breakfasts are a credit to the friendly owner. Pancakes with stroop - a syrup a bit like maple syrup; all kinds of cereals with fruits. Tasty toasted fruit bread and mini croissants and pain au chocolat. Lots of energy for walking round the city all day!


Anonymous said...

Loved exploring Amsterdam with you Mum! Bring on the next adventure! xx

Anonymous said...

It all looks lovely! Looking at your photos has really made me more determined to make sure I have some City breaks each year, so inspiring!