Monday, 16 May 2011

Keeping Chickens

 When I was younger I used to  think I'll keep chickens, grow vegetables and be self-sufficient once my children have 'flown the coop'.
 But now, living in Petersfield, in the countryside where a lot of people  run small holdings, have an allotment and/ or keep chickens the idea has lost its appeal. I hear about the many ailments chickens are prone to. Of how it just seems to be a matter of time before the fox gets in and kills the lot.

During the war my grandmother kept chickens - for eggs and for the pot. And when rationing is in force I can see it makes sense to keep chickens. But now when Tesco does a good free range egg for around £1.50 a box it seems energies are better focused on growing expensive fruit or vegetables.
 Last night I traded rhubarb with my neighbour for my spinach. Right now I have lots of wild strawberries and the raspberries are coming on well.
Actually, what about quail? I've just heard that quail are more or less problem free ...!

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