Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Van Gogh Museum

 When we saw the length of the queue outside we nearly didn't go in.

 Van Gogh 1853 - 1890 was  determined to be recognised as an artist.He eventually went into an asylum and then shot himself in the chest, dying at the early age of 37. His younger brother, Theo  always supported him both morally and sometimes financially. Tragically, Theo died just three years after Vincent. They both seem like heroes to me.

It was interesting to see at the museum how Van Gogh tried to copy the popular artists of his day, and that when he developed his own style (The Potato Eaters) it just wasn't appreciated. He was good friends with Gaugin for a while but maybe Gaugin didn't battle with poverty the way Van Gogh did when nothing he painted would sell. Theo gave him the money for paints and I wonder whether some of the very dark work is just because he couldn't afford a range of colours.

Would he be pleased if he could see  hundreds of people now queuing and then paying 14 euros each to see his work today?
 Why are artists often only appreciated after their deaths?

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