Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal wedding reactions

 picture taken from the television
What do you think? Were you wowed by the clothes, the service,the drive past? 

I think her dress and her bridesmaids' dresses were perfect.
 Her mother and Camilla looked good in shades of off-white. Note to self - pale grey, nudes and oyster look just right for wedding outfits.

 Fergie's daughters were ill-advised. They need a stylist to KISS them. (Keep it simple stupid!) They should make the most of being young. Keep it natural. Good skin, shiny hair and simple, classic outfits witness Pippa Middleton, who looked stunning.

I thought the best bit was the open carriage flanked by the horse guards in their splendid red, black and gold uniforms. The Busby hatted bands; the Yeoman of the Guard; the gilded coaches pulled by perfectly matched white horses.No-one does pageantry like the British.

Traditionally the bride's family bear the cost of the celebration. I really hope that nice looking Mr Middleton has not bankrupted himself!! 

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