Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Vintage needle case

 This was made by my Great Aunt and inherited by my mother. It could be 100 years old. The colours are not to my taste but they could have faded and changed over time.  I like the idea of something so useful - needles all threaded with different coloured threads - surviving and being used for that long.


Anonymous said...

Wow, My Mum has the same needle case ! She is 97 and still uses it ! It is still in pretty good shape !
Thanks, Rosemary
( Susans sister)

jenny said...

Hi Jenny. Just had my usual look at your lovely blog. I DO enjoy looking at your lovely pics and postings so imagine my surprise at looking at MY needle case!!
I have an identical one, which is really my mother's but I pinched it as she no longer sews. The colours are the same as yours, but it does no look quite so pristeen. Love Susan.

jenny said...

With Susan's permission I copied the above comment from her email. I realise it looks a bit peculiar with my name above it!