Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Day out in Guildford

Hurray! I published this via email to blogger. It works! I'm back!!
This yummy cake is in Maison Blanc's window.

Guildford is a straight line of shops and yesterday, the weather being heavenly 'I Walked the Line'(!) 
Toast had nice necklaces. Jo Malone smelled wonderful but is so expensive. I love the Cabbages and Roses dresses in Jigsaw but ditto. I bought some Easter tissue from Paperchase with fat chicks on it and three tops - all shades of grey in the Gap sale. Heals is good for inspiration. 
There was a demonstration in Guildford and another in Petersfield. Many people are unhappy about current cutbacks. Someone had jumped in front of a train meaning horrible delays all day yesterday. Apparently it was the fifth fatality in a week. Can that really be so? I will double check today. Maybe I misheard... 

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