Monday, 5 July 2010


The way we set out our stall is so important. For years I've felt fairly confident in what I make but not at all confident in how those things are presented to the public at shows. For some reason I felt I had to put everything out - far too much stuff. As a result I admire everyone else's clean cut, neat stand but feel mine looks  like a table at a jumble sale.

Then the penny dropped. If a display looks too complicated and busy most people don't look at it. It's too much effort and their eye would prefer to focus on something simple and obvious.
I realise that we like to be able to 'read' a display, our eye casting from left to right and being able to register what it sees. It takes time and patience to 'read' piles of stuff or an undisciplined variety of unrelated products. So we don't bother.

On Saturday I followed the advice of my friend Chris. I simplified. I had one large board to one side of the table with things pinned to it. Next to it was just  pretty tissue paper for wrapping.
Well dear reader, it worked. It was so easy for me and the customer. That good old saying comes to mind K.I.S.S. - keep it simple stupid!

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