Friday, 7 May 2010


This week I am in a dither of indecision. I could push for my dream shop. A day dream I have had for years to own an inspiring little boutique full of the best quality craft materials. A possible premises is available at last... But it would involve borrowing a large sum of money from the bank...
Or alternatively I could do a lot more teaching. A safer option financially I'm sure.
The news today of a hung parliament underlines my indecision. We can take nothing for granted in this world. With any decision there is risk attached.
But I am heartened by the news that in Arundel three new shops have opened this week - a florist, a painted furniture shop and a habadashery shop. Perhaps I'll talk to those brave shop owners first before making a decision.
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Ian Pearce said...

Well darn it jenny for what its worth I think you should open a shop !

If anyone can do it - you can.

I would certainly be happy to help in anyway I can.