Sunday, 11 April 2010

A Visit to Steyning

Steyning in Sussex is the prettiest town to explore. I wish I'd remembered  to take my camera! The buildings are old and individual and there is a quiet air of well-being along the High Street.
       Steyning Bookshop is one of my favourite shops. A wonderful browsing place with unusual stationery - some of it American I think - greetings cards and a large range of childrens' as well as adult books. A good place to shop for presents.
       A short way along is Sussex Produce where the fresh-from-neighbouring fields vegetables and saladstuffs is as locally grown as possible and all beautifully arranged and displayed like pictures from Country Living magazine.
       No time for tea at Steyning tea rooms this time but I can recommend it from visits in the past. Walking past lovely houses we found a superb view from the playing field where we ate our sandwiches in the sun.

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