Friday, 25 September 2009

Thinking aloud

Does anyone know what this is called? I want one in my garden.
Normally in September I would be working round the clock to get together enough stock to do the Country Living Christmas Show. This year I decided not to do it as finding the necessary stand fee seemed impossible a few months ago. Now I'm floundering a bit as the shows I have booked are one dayers so I don't need masses of stock and yet I want to be working hard making lots of new things for Christmas just as I have done for the last eight years. My notebook is full of ideas and I've got orders I should be getting on with. It's just an odd time when 99% of the population aren't buying what they don't need so you wonder whether as Christmas draws closer they will cave and buy gifts like they always have done, spend money on loved ones just like they always have done. Or maybe not.
So should I, instead of knocking myself out making things that may not be bought instead concentrate on providing Christmas workshops. Encourage people to make gifts instead of buy them. Workshops for handmade gifts, handmade decorations and handmade Christmas cards. I'm thinking about it.
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jenny said...

Thank you Richard Mellor for identifying this plant as a 'snowberry'.