Thursday, 20 August 2009

Why are nice events so expensive?

I just received an invitation to sell at the Oxford Christmas Market. I'd love to do this one. It's at Oxford Castle, a gorgeous setting, in December. But it costs £1,300 for a stand.
When will event organisers realise that the vast majority of designer makers whose original, one off products the public want to buy at Christmas just can't afford stand prices like that?
Big companies whose products are familiar to everyone because they're in lots of shops will be there. But the public want to find quirky little one off bits of Christmas magic that their friends won't have seen before. Handmade arty pieces with the 'Wow!' factor that make the perfect gift. Those are what I look for at a Christmas market.
Perhaps one day in the distant future event organisers will realise that designer makers with lovely different pieces should be cherished. They are the attraction. People visit the big shows in the hope of finding them. Perhaps one day show organisers will pay designer makers to take a stand at their show ... what do you think?

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