Monday, 10 August 2009

Plarn anyone?

Plarn - plastic yarn cut from carrier bags - is in the Sunday Times this week. John-Paul Flintoff writes 'How to Fix the World with a Crochet Hook'. He argues that we can all make a difference and he visits schools demonstrating how plarn from just one carrier bag can encircle a whole school hall filled with children. And with a crochet hook it can be made into ...

This is my problem with plarn. What can you use it for that looks attractive? J-P Flintoff offers a bowl and uses it to stuff a toy octopus made from the legs of discarded tights. But plarn tends to be white with little bits of orange and blue (Sainsburys)or ditto with green (Waitrose) white red and blue (Tesco). Maybe if just the coloured plarn was used for crocheting and all the white for stuffing?

How about a competition to see who can make plarn look the most beautiful?

ps. J-P Flintoff who also makes his own clothes (though not from plarn) has written a book 'Through the Eye of a Needle' published by Permanent Publications.

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