Saturday, 13 June 2009

Flowers and thoughts

A few flowers from the garden and you can blame the garden for keeping me from blogging this past week.
It's so nice to potter about outside and to work on stock and orders outside while the sun shines. And today my kind neighbour lent me her sun umbrella so I can stay even longer outside without worrying about shrivelling up into a dry prune. I am knitting a tunic and it's taking far longer than I reckoned but I think it will be worth the time and effort when it's done. I've asked Rowan if I can have wool at wholesale prices as there are more garments in the pipeline - I'll find out on Monday.

I've also been thinking about workshops. What sort of things to teach? I have now come up with a list of workshop options for groups to choose from and I think I will learn from those taking part just as they will learn from me. If anyone is interested in joining a fun creative workshop let me know. More details on request.

I have three sales coming up: Saturday June 20th I'm at Beech village fete which is next to Alton in Hampshire;
Saturday June 27th I'll be selling in Bakery Lane, Petersfield - buttons, dolls and badges, not the textile jewellery which is exclusive to Tricot Too in this area.
Saturday July 4th Farnham Maltings in The Barley Room
9am to 4pm
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