Saturday, 2 May 2009

Garden update

Rows of peas, spinach and lettuce in the back garden.

Wonderfully scented phlox in the front garden.
One of my favourite flowers - ranunculi which I've got in both the front and back gardens. A great cutting flower for the house.

My garden (see previous post) is gradually filling up with plants. I've recently planted beefsteak tomato plants, courgette and giant snapdragons. I want a real cottage garden mixture with flowers growing up amongst the vegetables. I got some long bamboo canes to help the runner beans, peas and sweet peas. It's war against the pesky weeds - particularly one thing that pokes up all over the place looking a bit like asparagus spears but its roots run very deep and usually snap when you try to dig it up. Anyone know what that monster is called? And war against the pesky cat that likes to do it's business daily in the same spot. I've tried putting pepper over the area (my mum's tip) but maybe this cat likes pepper... Luckily it's chosen an area with no edibles... Maybe a scarecrow would deter it?
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