Friday, 10 April 2009

Goodwood Hotel show deluxe!

Just did a local designer/maker show at the Goodwood Park Hotel on the Goodwood Estate. What a pleasure it was to be there! The tables had been covered with large starched white sheets carefully pinned round so all we had to do was lay our work out on them. There was free coffee and tea all day - even free cakes and soft classical background music playing. The whole day was relaxed and friendly. Organiser Karen Ongley-Snook had cherry picked her favourite makers from a wide area - including two from Brighton and the work on offer was extremely desirable. Not a bought in item in sight. Everything lovingly made from scratch to a very high standard. Karen plans to do another at Christmas and I do urge anyone reading this to go along. Shows like this are a rare treat.
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karen ongley-snook said...

It was fabulous to have Jenny at our Goodwood Event, her work so reflects who she is, warm,colourful and decorative, a very special friend,Handmade happiness is exactly right.The GoodwoodHotel Spring Fair was a lovely day, relaxed and filled with friendly exhibitors and Goodwood Staff, should I be allowed to run another event at Christmas I would definatly invite Jenny.