Sunday, 29 March 2009

Strange Dream - what does it mean?

I catch a bus with a friend. My arms are full of my stuff. We sit upstairs and when the time comes for me to get off I throw my stuff onto the grass outside the bus and then go back to my seat to get more of my stuff. The bus pulls away and moves on. I frantically gather my stuff from my seat and ring the bell to stop the bus. Eventually the bus stops again and I stand in the doorway throwing stuff onto the grass suddenly aware that I have left even more stuff under my seat. As I run back to my seat the bus moves on. I am howling now but my friend is still as a statue. I gather my stuff from under my seat, press the bell and make for the doorway. As I stand in the doorway of the bus it pulls away again. There is still more stuff to fetch. The dream repeats itself.
The friend, by the way is someone I haven't seen for ages but feel fond of. I recognise her in the dream.
Any ideas on what this means?
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Amy said...

Hello Mum, My humble opinion about your dream: The bus represents time, time moving forward and you want it to stop in order for you to get yourself into a position to move on. Organise yourself, clear the clutter, literally get rid of the baggage. Time for a possible clear out? Spring clean? One of many possible meanings to your dream I'm sure. Lovely button picture by the way. Love you, Amy X