Friday, 27 February 2009

Messy Bessie

Yes, she's a bit scruffy but immensly loveable!
I need to make some more dolls but I have been busy making bracelets, necklaces, childrens' jewellery and badges this week. So busy with just a week and a couple of days before I go up to Country Living. Lots of new products. Please forgive me for not writing for nearly a week. The time flashes by and as soon as I wake up I'm working. I work all the time I'm not sleeping most days. But not today. Today I went to London on the train and had to stand for most of the journey home. I really pity commuters who have to travel by train and tube every day. Yesterday I collected my pieces from Havant library where they have been display since the beginning of the month. And I am pleased to sell that quite a lot had sold. Tomorrow I'll collect from the Chichester exhibition. I wonder if anything has sold there?
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