Monday, 16 February 2009

Just thinking

Yesterday I handed in six necklaces, freshly made to an exhibition in Chichester.
I then went out and came in again to overhear two artists who were looking at my work. 'Yes, they're very good but frightfully overpriced.'
What is overpriced I'd like to know? It seems to me that what is overpriced to one person is underpriced to another person.
I hate to hear makers say,'Well I'm happy if I earn enough to cover my costs.' I hear that all the time and it's sad. If you've got the confidence to put your work in front of the public then have the confidence to price it properly. I know that in these times of recession makers are worried about whether or not their work will sell. But dropping the price is not the way to go.
Too cheap prices make those of us who rely on our craft income seem expensive when all we are doing is charging a realistic price for our design and labour.
Comments please. What are your thoughts about pricing?
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