Sunday, 9 November 2008

Pale pink Christmas stockings to finish

The show I keep mentioning is the Christmas Country Living magazine's show at the Business Design Centre, Islington. It runs for 5 days 12th to the 16th and is the best place to sell my stuff that I know.
Tomorrow I go up to London with as much stock and props as I can carry. I'll go again on Tuesday with everything else and properly set up.

It attracts a great crowd of shoppers. Many women try to get their Christmas shopping done there. As there are 300 stands - including a food hall - this is quite achieveable.

In the present economic climate it will be interesting to see how much people are holding back from spending. A customer said to me on the phone the other day, 'Of course some women will not go this year because they don't want to be tempted.' Fair enough.

I still have three pale pink Christmas stockings to finish and would like to make another 20 or so bracelets but I doubt I'll have time. Today is for pricing and packing and deciding once and for all where and how everything is going to be displayed.


Anonymous said...

I have never made a BLOG Comment before. I feel having seen come across your site by chance, I must let you you know how entranced I was. I shall keep coming back.

vertigo said...

Its a nice site. I like the design and of course the craft pictures. Keep it going!

Steve said...

Hi Jenny,

Saw yr stand and your work on wendesday and wanted to say again how brilliant i thought it was. Event though i think i was one of the few men under 30 at the show, yours was one of the few stands that had a lastig impression on me. All the best for the future.