Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Getting organised

Some days everything seems to go right as the song goes. Yesterday was like that. I had been worried about not having a table on my stand at Country Living - see previous post - but yesterday my friend Kate who sells pottery in a neighbouring stand said she'd take my table in her van. Hurray!

I had also been not getting on with ordering or making business cards. But I found it was really easy with Picasa - just click 12 pics into the photo tray and print them off. Conveniently business card sized. So having cut them out and put my details on the back I'm all set.

I also sorted myself out on paper. Writing it all down. That really sorts it all out for me. I visited Costa and over an Earl Grey and croissant wrote everything down that I needed to do for Country Living and it all started to feel more manageable.

And yesterday my son linked this blog to my website so hopefully a few more people will find it and send me a comment!

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