Saturday, 18 October 2008

Working round the clock

Time is running out. Just three weeks and a few days until the Christmas Country Living Show.

Normally I try to make £60 worth of stock every day. Now I am trying to make £150 of stock a day. This means working round the clock. If I'm not sleeping I'm knitting, painting, sewing or assembling. But I'm doing what I love and feel lucky.

The hairless, legless dolls I talked about are now lined up on the sofa, all pretty and ready, waiting for that little three year old I imagine grabbing one by the leg and trailing her upside down beside her.
The 100 wooden badges - Huggy Mummies and Girls are gradually being painted and varnished and glued to brooch backs.
I'm knitting a big red scarf.

Everything this year is colourful - bright jewel colours. I figure people need something to make them smile with all the doom and financial gloom in the news.
I still have masses of jewellery to make and I've not even started on the Christmas stockings. I managed to leave my dyes - for the wool - at my mum's so I can't get going on them til next week. Back to work!

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