Monday, 6 October 2008

Doing what you love

How do you juggle doing what you love with doing what you have to do to earn enough money?

I love making things and selling what I make but to earn consistently I usually do another job as well.
I worked part time in my local library until recently when, with the Christmas rush on I needed more time to make. But in those months when I don't make enough I have to be someone else. Do you know what I mean?
The real me is artistic and dreamy and creative but no-one seeing me working efficiently in the library would realise that. To them I was a library assistant.

Before the library I worked part time in a supermarket for a year stacking shelves and sometimes on the till. I felt like a number and nobody likes to feel like a number. Some people have to feel like a number day in day out because that's their full time job. I am lucky because at least for some of the time I can be my real self - artistic and dreamy and creative. How about you?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,
Just seen your dolls in the Country Living magazine, they look fab.
Don't know if you remember me, a long time ago I had a stall with my sister at Emsworth craft market selling dried flower arrangements.
We stopped doing that and I worked in a number of office jobs, where yes I was a number. YUK.
I know run my own business called Karen Barclay home and Gardens which I love.
Take a look
You make some lovely things and I hope you do well at the Country Living Fair. I have been once and thought it was wonderful, don't remember seeing you though or I would have said hello.