Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Background colour

My daughter has made a chart for me to fill in. Every product I make and will make is listed neatly and everytime I complete something I have to enter it on her chart and change the total value of stock made.

Isn't it funny how writing something down immediately makes you feel organised and in control?

As I sew and paint I am also vaguely thinking about how my stand will look. To paint the walls or not to paint the walls? When I started doing the Country Living Shows seven years ago Farrow and Ball paints were favourite. Lots of people wanted a 'String' backdrop. Then the clear Laura Ashley paint colours - pale chambray (blue) or summer pudding (deep red) appealed. Then last year I left the walls white and was quite happy with that. Now I fancy some sort of graffitti look. Maybe a blackboard paint with chalked signs and prices?? maybe too dark.

The trouble with having lots of handmade items - all different colours - some jewel bright and others pale is finding a background that works with everything. Any ideas?

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