Saturday, 28 April 2018

New in Handmade Happiness and this blog is nearly 10 years old!

Blue tit  by Tanya Williamson, one of several of her new framed pictures in the shop
New cushions made by Tanya Williamson  with bowls by Justine Jenner and pots by Niloo
A perfect camellia from the garden
This week Tanya Williamson has brought in lots of new cushions and new framed pictures. Kate Box has just added to her popular wrist warmers and neckwarmers and I've made some more jewellery. The shop is well stocked for a busy Saturday.

I just read the first posts I wrote on this blog. I started writing it when frantically busy preparing for the Country Living magazine show in Islington. I used to do that show every year and I thought it would be fun to write about the lead up. First post September 22nd 2008.

 By October 2008 I was writing about the dream to own my own shop. Back then I didn't seriously think that owning a shop was possible. I lived in Chichester then and shop rents were impossibly expensive. I couldn't have owned a shop in Chichester but I do own a shop in Petersfield. 

I wonder if consistently writing a blog for nearly 10 years is some sort of a record? This blog has had it's ups and downs. When it started all the readers were British. Now over half are American and often there's as many French readers as British ones. The comment option has never been used and that's ok. I can see from the stats that plenty of you are still looking at it. So thank you. 

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