Thursday, 23 February 2017

Needle felting today

Today Jenny Stacy did a bit of sewing and a bit of needle felting. 
Love playing with colours when fusing textiles together. Current work by Jenny Stacy
The up side of having a quiet shop in February is that I can get lots of my own things made. And few things are more satisfying that puting colours and textures together and seeing what they look like. I use my own handmade felt and anything else that is to hand, especially if it's a bit glittery!

By the way the red and white fabric is what I'm wearing, not part of what I'm making in case you were wondering...I'll share some better photos soon.


With Added Discretion said...

Lovely! I've been picking sheep's wool from barbed wire when I'm out and about. I just dyed some with turmeric and am planning on needle felting it. I discover that these bits of found wool are called hentilagets. Anna x

jenny said...

How interesting. I wonder where the word 'hentilaget' stems from? x

jenny said...

Ah. It's a Scottish word.