Friday, 16 December 2016

Lots of fairies

I bought this fine material in France. The trim belonged to a friend's mother. Fairy made by Jenny Stacy 
This one makes me think of The Nutcracker. Fairy by Jenny Stacy
An over-dressed fairy with a generous mouth! Fairy by Jenny Stacy
A big hair Madame Pompadour fairy by Jenny Stacy
Twirling fairy by Jenny Stacy
Fairies on the sparkly tree in Handmade Happiness
Ceramic robin by Kate Hackett and embroidered decoration by Bee Mellor
I had a big change around in the shop yesterday and now it looks simplified.

I'm showing you fairies today as that's what I've been making (and will continue making) this week. 

It's funny how attached you get to the things you make. Yesterday someone was considering using one of my dolls as a doorstop and I felt quite worried that poor Bessie was going to spend years being bashed every time someone opened that door. We talked about alternatives and luckily Bessie is still waiting to go to a good home!!

By the way I've put some pictures on Instagram but failed to install the widget on the blog. If you want to look anyway it's jenny_handmade_happiness

As there's no history on my new phone could anyone that regularly texts please text to say Hi from (name here) so I have their details? Thanks.

Hello and welcome to Russian readers! This week the blog has many visitors from there.


Brenda Tilbury said...

Beautifully perfect fairies! Love them x

jenny said...

Thanks Blogger Commenter. You're a star! X