Thursday, 29 September 2016

Paris visit - Day Two

 Beautiful ceiling in the Laduree tea room
An unexpected bear

Can you believe it? This shop just sells meringues.
Printed satins
I really like these...
...and this one! All in Tissus Reine
Monday - first stop Monoprix which has good value stylish baby clothes. Then the metro to Barbes-Rochouart for the rue d'Orsel. I cannot recommend this road too highly. If you like fabric you will LOVE the rue d'Orsel in Montmartre.

Shop after shop of keenly priced fabrics. Some had a speciality for example leathers, suedes and furs - faux and real -in one of the first shops we went in. I would never eat meat but I did like seeing the myriad of colours you can buy pieces of leather in - from palest pink, turquoise, purple. And the faux fur throws - tiger, chinchilla rabbit were impressive if you like that sort of thing.

Another shop seemed to specialise in fabrics for 'Strictly Come Dancing' and fancy dress.

We bought a piece of beautiful lime velvet to halve, Pam found great shot cottons for her quilts and I got a piece of navy dotted white cotton jersey for baby clothes in the more general fabric stores.

My favourite shop is Tissus Reine - also the most expensive one we found. I loved the pictured printed satins. They also had a very good range of Liberty fabrics (but not cut price.)
After a quick cup of tea at the Librairie at the top of the road (which also houses a Museum of Naif Art) we were on the metro again to Les Halles.

For so long La Droguerie has been my favourite shop. It's in rue du Jour. I loved it when living in Paris decades ago and it hasn't changed. If you love habadashery - buttons, ribbons, yarns etc or beads you will love this shop. But there is a drawback. You have to wait to be served and we nearly gave up waiting and left with nothing. It is not self service and it would be much better if it were. Because you have to wait for an assistant to get you what you want to buy you queue. Too few assistants for too many would-be buyers.
I still recommend a visit - even if it's just to look and not buy.

Tomorrow more pictures of Paris. I can't wait to go back now!

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