Thursday, 8 September 2016


Bright coloured ribbons from 30p a metre to £1 a metre in Handmade Happiness
Sparkly metallic ribbons and script ribbon from 30p a metre to £1 a metre in Handmade Happiness
All the ribbons I ordered for Handmade Happiness
I love ribbons and trims. This lot arrived at the shop yesterday and they are perfect. Just what I wanted. I used to dream of having a habadashery shop but this is enough for now. I'll sell these by the metre and I'll also make with them and use them to gift wrap for customers nearer Christmas.

My mother was good at gift wrapping. Her presents were often almost too nice to open. She had wrapping paper, ribbons and gift tags for all seasons in a big sliding drawer under the bed. She enjoyed taking the trouble to create a memorable looking present. Often gift wrapping is done in a rush at the last minute but this year I want to take time to savour the pleasure of making something look beautiful.

I remember in France a single croissant being put in a white box with a ribbon tied round it. I remember taking dozens of video boxes to Pallant House in Chichester to teach gift wrapping techniques. That was many years ago. Somewhere I've got handouts for 'Glamorous Gift Wrapping' and even 'Glamorous Golden Gift Wrapping'. But for now I am content to use my magazine page bags for customers' purchases. Nearer Christmas I plan plain tissue paper layers with a nicely tied bow using one of the above...


Brenda Tilbury said...

They look very inspirational Jenny, I will be along to buy some soon.....x

jenny said...

I look forward to seeing you in the shop again Brenda.x