Thursday, 18 August 2016

At the mercy of machines

Beautiful cushions made by Tanya Williamson and sold by Handmade Happiness

 I'm writing this on my Samsung notepad as my ancient home computer has died on me. There is so much technology to choose from I get confused (and a bit bored) with thinking about what is best to replace it with.

I'd like something that takes excellent photos, suitable for publishing in magazines, is portable and that has a decent sized keyboard for my fat fingers.

I have a phone that is not a smart phone so I can't watch videos on it or do 'Face Time' with my lovely grandchildren. So the new machine would have to be capable of that. Am I talking about a smart phone or a lap top and is there one machine that does all this? I very much look forward to your advice. (This is not something I wish to research online - too boring!) 

I like to write and I've just written an article about Tanya Williamson whose cushions are pictured. She uses a Bernina sewing machine to colour in her drawings with thread. A machine that helps her do just what she wants to do. Everyone loves her work and her cushions make great gifts. 


Brenda Tilbury said...

Good morning Jenny X I like my iPad Air....takes good photos, and is very portable....and has a large 'key pad' ! Xxx

Susan said...

Hi Jenny, Brenda has beaten me to it, by I was also going to recommend I pad Air for the same reasons!
Must pay another visit to the shop sometime soon!

Tim said...

You need a laptop, so that you can use a good wordprocessor and edit images, and a digital slr camera, to take magazine quality photos. The iPad Air camera is good for snaps but it has insufficient resolution for print. You can always phone me to ask this stuff! Your son x

jenny said...

Thanks for all the advice I'll check out all the items mentioned.X

Brenda Tilbury said...

I wish my Son was so tech savvy!

John from Deutschland said...

We have recently bought a hybrid laptop / tablet from Dell. I think that a hybrid could well give you the functionality that you want for creative / home office. You must anticipate spending a bit (500-700) but you will get a nice to use machine, using Windows 10 of course.