Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Give yourself some flowers! 
 Are you juggling a job, a family, friends and looking after your home? Sometimes I feel I am only capable of doing the minimum to keep everything afloat - or should I say in the air - and I'd like to spend more time on each individual area but unless we are suddenly given an eighth day of the week there just isn't time...

People who are very organised have strict time slots for everything and sometimes I wish I was more like that. But it must take the spontaneity out of life a bit if you have to say, 'Sorry I can't come for a coffee with you because now is my time for doing the ironing'.

At the moment I love to be gardening. In theory I'd like to write more and make big necklaces but no time for that.I need to get ready for work and call in at the market en route to work to buy some more plants for the garden to grow enough flowers for a wedding. It's only next month now and no, I don't know what this mother of the bride will be wearing. 

Are you trying to juggle too many balls at once? If so you have my very best wishes and why not buy yourself a bunch of flowers as I did? You deserve them.

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Kate Box said...

I can totally identify with this post Jenny! I'm going to buy those flowers! Looking forward to coffee next Thurs. K X