Monday, 17 August 2015

Liberty flowers

Decorative flowers made with thin card printed with Liberty designs
Close up of floral display at Liberty
Fabric roses bouquet at Liberty
Dangling Liberty print card flowers on the walls
Love these Japanese gift wrap papers with gold and silver decoration
Today I spent a long time looking round at Liberty. So many lovely fabrics. And did you know they sell pieces of old Liberty 'washed' fabrics in packs for£49 each? I didn't buy one but I did spend ages choosing a fabric I bought half a metre of. 

  I was also interested to see packs of 'salvaged papers' on sale, pictures from old books presumably meant for collage. I wish they did Liberty prints as gift wrap or packs of printed Liberty papers like origami squares.  

After Liberty I went to John Lewis and Selfridges. More photos tomorrow.


molebags said...

oh wow, love that vase of fabric flowers! Looks like you had an inspiring day.

jenny said...

Hi Carol. I've emailled that photo to you. x

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Anopportuneaura 2015 said...

wow its so beautiful are superb:)stay inspiring
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