Monday, 30 March 2015

Knitting blues

Playing with stitches, knitting and crochet but always blue
Thinking about denim and all the shades of navy through to palest blue gives a discipline to this wild type of knitting. It's never boring because you can experiment with new stitches or different textures. It will hopefully still look ok because it's all blue. As usual my photograph is lighter than the actual knitting.

I collect yarn usually of the 'odd ball' type in wire bins in shops which are half price. I've got a tremendous variety. Ideally I'd buy that denim yarn from Rowan that is designed to fade when washed but I'm not sure they manufacture it any more. Today I'm meeting my daughter and grandaughter in London for a wander round the shops and I hope to pick up some more yarn from John Lewis. And I'll also take some pictures for this blog.

When I look at this picture the dropped stitch glares out as if it had flashing lights around it. I'll stitch it in later so hopefully it won't show!

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