Saturday, 21 February 2015

Unravel at Farnham - impressions

Great display for small needlefelted creatures by Jenny Barnett
Hooked items in kit
I still love Fairisle knitting.
Yarns dyed with natural dyes have this soft, pretty look.
Yesterday my friend Chrissy looked after Handmade Happiness so I could go to Unravel at Farnham Maltings. It's also on today and tomorrow if you live nearby.

You have to love yarn to enjoy this show. Nearly every stall has banked skeins of yarn in billions of tempting colours. 

I've tried stocking skeins of yarn. They look great. The problem is a) the customer has to wind it into a ball herself and b) many skeins are not standard 50gm or 100 gm weight like ordinary balls of yarn which makes it difficult to work out what a skein will make or how to use skeins in a conventional knitting pattern. They are extremely decorative though.

 What stood out for me was the unusual hooked pieces shown above. Like rag rugging in miniature. It looked a fun thing to try. The made up pieces are examples of what the kits look like. I asked about selling the samples in my shop but understandably, this is not an option. 
I found angora yarn on another stall, unbelievably soft and look forward to knitting with some of this. 

Jenny Barnett's imaginative stall showing her needlefelted animals was interesting. Jenny holds needlefelting classes.

The natural dyed yarn shown above translates into the most gorgeously coloured crochet throws, just visible on the left of the picture. Again I asked if HH could sell those but again they are really just samples of what the yarn can do. Patterns for the throws are available.

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