Monday, 8 December 2014

In the shop now

Katherine Wardropper's delicately made Christmas decoration
Katherine Wardropper's decorations come in a range of colours
Kate Hackett's ceramic fairy decorations
In the window Penny Seume's lampshade, Clare Lund's wood tree, and Tanya Williamson's applique cushion
Pale blue velvet duck cushion by Tanya Williamson and set of 6 cherrywood serving boards by Chris Black.
Handmade Happiness is 'a museum of masterpieces' a customer said recently. The quality of the handmade items frequently amazes people. 

 Katherine Wardropper developed her own technique at art school and since then has worked with an Elizabethan costume designer when she designed and created  an intricate head piece for Helen Mirren and she makes jewellery and giant wallpieces. See her work at

Penny Seume prints her own artwork onto fabrics to produce very distinctive cushions and lampshades.

Tanya Williamson makes popular applique cushions featuring animals, birds, even a stag beetle. When someone asked if she could make a cushion showing a bassett hound she didn't hesitate and delivered the cushion two days later.

At the last count 43 peoples' work is stocked in Handmade Happiness. Come and see.
In addition to normal working hours Handmade Happiness will be open again next Sunday 10am to 12.30.

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Anonymous said...

j'adore les coussins avec les canards.

Bon Noël à toute la petite famille