Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Penny Seume - in Anthropologie and Handmade Happiness

Penny Seume velvet cushions in Anthropologie
Striking velvet print by Penny Seume on a chair in Anthropologie

Penny Seume's distinctive fabrics in Anthropologie
 It was a thrill for me to see Penny Seume's work in the new Anthropologie store in Bath. 
I feel privileged to have Penny's cushions and lampshades in Handmade Happiness because her work is so original.  Inspired by city landscapes at night Penny paints and collages pictures which are  transferred to velvet and linen and made into household objects. To see more of Penny's work visit her website www.pennyseume.co.uk   

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Several people have said it is impossible to comment on this blog. I have changed the setting and fingers crossed it will be easy to comment from now on! Thanks.