Thursday, 27 November 2014

Making Christmas cards

Glittery bauble card by Jenny Stacy
Card by Jenny Stacy. See instructions below.
Christmas card by Jenny Stacy
These cards were such fun (and quick) to make. The shape is raised with foam pads so it's a bit 3D.

Do you tear off Christmas stamps at this time of year? I have to squirrel them away and this year I've made my collection of lovely Christmas stamps an essential part of my cards.

If you want to make a card along these lines this is how it's done:
First draw your bauble shape (or a tree/piece of holly/ whatever you fancy drawing) onto card. Cut it out. This is your template.

Then go through any Christmas magazine and tear out Christmassy pictures/ colours and glue them onto a sheet of white copy paper. I use stick glue for this like Pritt stick. Lay your template on and cut round it. Keep cutting out shapes until you've used up your collage sheet.
I then used a hole punch to make the hole in the top of the design. Add a Christmas stamp, star, whatever you have and then use glitter to make the whole thing sparkle. Leave to dry.

I found an old necklace of little coloured gold discs in a charity shop. I threaded a disc through a length of ribbon to tie in to the hole on the design. Then apply sticky foam pads to the reverse of your shape and press it onto a piece of folded card. Done. 

And if you don't fancy making cards or you haven't got time these cards and more are available to buy at Handmade Happiness for £2.50 each.

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molebags said...

These are even lovelier in 'real life' in the shop! C x