Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Fun bird brooches

Bird brooch £9.50 by Jenny Stacy
Legless bird brooch £9-50 by Jenny Stacy
Running bird brooch £9-50 by Jenny Stacy
Long-legged bird brooch £9-50 by Jenny Stacy
As you can see I'm not a photographer. I never change the settings on my camera so everything looks too light but the photos give you a vague idea... I first made these elastic legs years ago for chicken necklaces and bracelets that were made of painted wood. I was inspired by a childrens' jewellery brand called Sevi that made brightly coloured wood jewellery. 

It rained a few times yesterday so it was quiet in the shop and I was able to make. I did some landscape pieces, very richly coloured and knobbly. Tara, my shop neighbour can see them as the front of cushions with velvet round them. I am wondering if one of them would look ok in a box frame. Will experiment more today.

On Saturday Tanya Williamson brought in more of her applique cushions. One of them sold immediately - of an Indian runner duck so I can't show you that one. I also put in the window her badger cushion, which also sold on Saturday and her new fish cushion which is beautifully depicted and would make an ideal gift for the fisherman in the family. Photo to come.

Yesterday Paul Soden came in with more of his photographs of local wildlife that Handmade Happiness sells as cards. Now we have deer, a visiting muscovy duck and more owls. Scroll down to see more of Paul's cards.

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