Thursday, 10 April 2014

Buying yarn

Cotton yarn by Debbie Bliss I bought in Chichester
 One of the things Petersfield lacks is a wool shop and before Handmade Happiness opened its doors I did think that it would stock wool but the yarn companies supply a shop six miles away and therefore they could not supply me as well. Since then a wool shop opened and then closed in the Folly Market but they also had outlets towards Portsmouth so they could simply shift yarns to Petersfield. Now I am happy to stock yarn handspun by individuals  and that blends in better with the all-handmade ethos of the shop.

Whenever I go to Chichester I check the yarn bin in C&H fabrics. When there are just odd balls of one colour they are sold off at half price in the yarn bin. That's where I got the three balls of blue above. The pink I just got because of the colour...

I am writing this standing up. Today I will seek out a physiotherapist and get my leg sorted out. I have been waiting to see one on the Nhs but I understand that could be many more weeks of waiting. Regular readers will know that I injured the leg at an excercise class. My plan for rejuvenation before grandmotherhood backfired. Why didn't I stick to brisk walks?!!


Fibre frenzi said...

sorry to hear about the's such a pain (literally) when you can't move properly. Stick to walking (making sure you don't get bowled over by dogs!!!!!) and swimming x

jenny said...

Thank you Alison.x