Tuesday, 22 April 2014


The view from my window at the New Orient Hotel www.hotelneworient.com
The Parc de Saint Cloud just outside Paris
Another view of the Parc de Saint Cloud

Notre Dame
I'm wondering if I'm testing your patience by writing about Paris again. From now on posts will be about Handmade Happiness ok?

Did I ever mention that we lived in Paris when Tim and Amy were small? Three years living in Saint Cloud which is just outside the centre. Our rented house had two cherry trees in the garden and was just down the road from the Parc de Saint Cloud pictured. We often walked there and Tim was keen that we went there this trip. It is very beautiful especially on a warm sunny day.

I've included a sardine box because one of the things I like about going to different places is seeing the packaging in the food shops. Different to ours. And if I liked sardines I'd use it in a collage. 

When we lived there before I remember that even if you were just served one croissant it was handed to you in  a white box with a white ribbon round it. I didn't notice that degree of packaging this trip but I love that attention to detail that leaves a good impression with the customer. And we all want customers to feel they want to come back to our shops!

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